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Acworth, GA

New Roof Acworth, GA

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Acworth, GA
When: Sep 21, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Roof Inspection, Roof Replacement
Brief Explanation

Getting a New Roof in Acworth, GA has never been easier. We have a policy that is referred to as the "Hold Your Hand Gurarantee." This assures that we'll be by your side through the whole project.

Roof Replacement

Have a look at a storm damaged roof job that we completed recently.

We came in contact with this homeowner while he was contemplating getting a new roof. He was happy to allow us to perform a comprehensive digital analysis of his home's rooftop condition. The roof had dutifully served its purpose for many years. It was now found that the roof was in need of replacement.

The homeowner was impressed by our comprehensive digital analysis which allowed him to see video playback footage of the exact condition of his roof. He had first hand witness perspective of his roof without even having to personally set foot on his roof.

After agreeing on a fair price for replacement, we began the new roof replacement process.

Quality New Roof Installation

There are a few aspects to our installation process that deserve being highlighted. The adjacent photographs help observe our process. Any wooden decking areas that we come across that have been compromised by water leaking must be removed and replaced. With the plywood decking repaired with new, solid wood, the roof is ready for underlayment.

You'll notice that in the valleys we place a sturdy material called Ice and Water Shield. This is a self-sealing layer of thick underlayment that can be installed without nails. Roof valleys are subject to high amounts of water and thus must have a greater level of protection that is free from nail penetration.

Chimneys are also considered areas of substantial threat of leaking. The photographs show removal of the old and inadequate pan-flashing that originally surrounded the chimney. We then install step-flashing which serves to protect the home from water penetration where the roof meets the chimney.

Thorough Work & Complete Cleanup

The homeowner was very pleased with the outcome of his new roof. The Owens Corning, Oakridge Teal shingle looks fantastic on his roof. Most importantly, the roof is now highly protected from the elements for years to come.

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Acworth, GA
When: Dec 3, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: New Roof, Roof Inspection, Drip Edge Installation, Roofing Insurance Claim
Brief Explanation

Allow us to demonstrate why we are considered Cobb County's top roofing contractor. We have over 30 years in the roofing industry.

Cobb County's Roofing Experts

Have a look at another home in Acworth where we did a roof replacement

This home had been damaged by wind. The evidence was present in creases along the asphalt shingles. Creases are formed when wind folds shingles back due to high winds generated in a storm.

When a roof is subjected to high winds that result in creased shingles, the water shedding capacity is diminished. A significant level of asphalt shingle granules are lost and the underlying fiberglass matting is exposed.

It can be difficult to spot the evidence of storm damage, but that is why our team of Certified Rooftop Geniuses spend time each week in continual training. After completing an inspection at this home, and submitting a report of damage to their insurance company, the insurance adjuster agreed and approved the home for a new roof.

Roof Replacement Approved

With the inspection complete, and the approval of the homeowner's insurance adjuster, the only thing left to do was to have the homeowner pick their favorite roof material color. They chose Williambsburg Grey from the Oakridge line of Owens Corning shingles.

The roof measured 27 squares. A few specifics regarding the job are that we installed drip edge flashing around the entire perimeter of the home. We also performed a "weaved valley installation" per the homeowner's request. See photograph of installed valley.

Before Photos

After Photo

Job Details

Location of Job: White, GA
When: May 8, 2012
Service Category:
Services Performed:
Brief Explanation

It is recommended that a roof inspection be conducted every 6 months. During a routine roof inspection of this home, our Certified Rooftop Genius found that this home has sustained storm damage.

Atlas Chalet Roof

Have a look at another house that we completed that had sustained storm damage.

The shingles on this home were Atlas Chalet. Atlas Chalet shingles were widely popular among builders, particularly in the Southeastern states, due to their architectural appearance and comparatively low cost.

As a result of their defective nature, Atlas Chalet shingles were discontinued in 2010.

Like Kind And Quality Replacement

Generally speaking, an insurance company is obligated to repair a roof that has sustained storm damage by restoring it to a state of similar "Like Kind and Quality." Since the Atlas Chalet shingle was discontinued in 2010, there is no supply of shingles to repair a roof back to "Like Kind and Quality." Thus, insurance is obligated to replace your roof.

The homeowners of this home were pleased that we were able to document and prove to their insurance provider that their roof had been damaged by a storm. The insurance adjuster agreed with our assessment and approved their claim.

All of the work was done as previously agreed upon. There was however one small problem... We damaged a small entrance way, light fixture. We replaced the light fixture at no extra cost to the homeowner. Now, the homeowners can rest assured that their home is protected by a quality roof.

Before Photos

After Photo

Job Details

Location of Job: Acworth, GA
When: May 17, 2013
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Roof Inspection, Roof Storm Damage Insurance Claim, New Roof Installation
Brief Explanation

This job highlights very well our expertise in roofing insurance claims. Our Certified Rooftop Genius found evidence of storm damage on the roof during a routine inspection.

Routine Roof Inspection For Damage

Have a look at what others have said about our expert roofing services.

Evidence of hail damage was found on the aluminum caps of the air ventilation systems. These are very good indicators that a roof has sustained hail damage because the surface will appear dimpled in a random pattern.

The asphalt shingles also appeared to be damaged by hail. A shingle doesn't always show evidence of hail damage immediately following a storm. Often times the affected sections of shingles will still appear normal after sustaining damage. The shingles will, however, exist in a compromised state. Over a short duration of time, the compromised shingles will lose their protective asphalt granule barrier of protection.

Inspection By A Professional

As our Certified Rooftop Genius was able to point out, this home had clearly been adversely affected by a significant storm. The homeowner decided to file for a claim on their insurance. Shortly thereafter, they were approved for a NEW ROOF!

The roof measured a little over 20 squares in dimension. The pitch was between 7/12 and 9/12. The homeowner decided to replace the roof with a 25 year asphalt shingle from Owens Corning.

Upon successful completion of the job, the homeowner was very happy with the work. They were especially pleased with how much of the paperwork process that Ridge Valley took care of.

Recent Reviews

Mrs. Tirado

Acworth, GA

Date: Nov 17, 2016
I'm very happy with the job done! Very helpful and great people.

"Very Helpful And Great People"

Services Provided
Residential Roof Replacement

Mrs. Folsom

Acworth, GA

Date: Nov 17, 2016
I am extremely pleased. I was scammed by a bad contractor in 2014. This company worked with my home owners insurance to still get part of the roof paid for. They were early and went straight to work. They made sure me and my kids were able to get out safely when I needed to drop them off at PreK. I received text messages of pictures of the progress. They got started at 6:45 AM and were done before 3 PM. They cleaned up everything so well it's like they weren't even here. They went over the yard with a magnetic sweeper to remove nails not once but twice. Alston made sure everything went smoothly from start to finish.

"They Cleaned Up Everything So Well"

Services Provided
Roof Replacement

Mr. Cooper

Acworth, GA

Date: Nov 15, 2016
My experience with Ridge Valley was great. Larry is very knowledgeable about roofing, but was especially knowledgeable and helpful in dealing with my insurance company. I think they are the gold standard when it comes to everything roofing.

"They Are The Gold Standard For Everything Roofing!"

Services Provided
Roof Replacement

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