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Job Details

Location of Job: Acworth, GA
When: May 17, 2013
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Roof Inspection, Roof Storm Damage Insurance Claim, New Roof Installation
Brief Explanation

This job highlights very well our expertise in roofing insurance claims. Our Certified Rooftop Genius found evidence of storm damage on the roof during a routine inspection.

Routine Roof Inspection For Damage

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Evidence of hail damage was found on the aluminum caps of the air ventilation systems. These are very good indicators that a roof has sustained hail damage because the surface will appear dimpled in a random pattern.

The asphalt shingles also appeared to be damaged by hail. A shingle doesn't always show evidence of hail damage immediately following a storm. Often times the affected sections of shingles will still appear normal after sustaining damage. The shingles will, however, exist in a compromised state. Over a short duration of time, the compromised shingles will lose their protective asphalt granule barrier of protection.

Inspection By A Professional

As our Certified Rooftop Genius was able to point out, this home had clearly been adversely affected by a significant storm. The homeowner decided to file for a claim on their insurance. Shortly thereafter, they were approved for a NEW ROOF!

The roof measured a little over 20 squares in dimension. The pitch was between 7/12 and 9/12. The homeowner decided to replace the roof with a 25 year asphalt shingle from Owens Corning.

Upon successful completion of the job, the homeowner was very happy with the work. They were especially pleased with how much of the paperwork process that Ridge Valley took care of.

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Mrs. Arnold Said This About Our Company

Mrs. Arnold

Acworth, GA

Date: Jun 5, 2013
We had our roof inspected by Joe Pierron, He found some hail and wind damage. He helped file the claim with our insurance comp. He helped with all the paperwork and every thing. He was able to answer all our questions and was very helpful. His crew was just as kind and did amazing work. Our roof looks outstanding they finished everything on time just as we were told. They didnt leave any mess what so ever. I will refer them to every body who asks about our roof. Im so glad we had RVE do our roof. Thank you Joe and RVE!!!

"Our Roof Looks Outstanding in Acworth, GA"

Services Provided

Roof Inspection, Storm Damage Roof Insurance Claim, New Roof Installation
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Acworth, GA
Client Testimonial
Ridge Valley Exteriors is truly a great company that does great quality work. I don't typically write reviews but due to the absolute professionalism and quality of Ridge Valley I felt compelled to do so. They have successfully completed two new roofing projects for my… ~ Mr. Gerdes - Kennesaw, GA


Hold Your Hand Guarantee

We have coined the phrase “Hold Your Hand Guarantee” due to our role in the insurance claims process. Often times people are hesitant to file an insurance claim because they don’t know much about the process.

We make sure that you are informed and comfortable through the whole thing. If your home’s protection has been compromised, we will hold your hand through the process of restoring it, through insurance, back to the secure level of protection that it deserves.