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Acworth, GA

Acworth, GA

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New Roof Acworth, GA

Before Photos


Job Details

Location of Job: Acworth, GA
When: Sep 21, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Roof Inspection, Roof Replacement
Brief Explanation

Getting a New Roof in Acworth, GA has never been easier. We have a policy that is referred to as the "Hold Your Hand Gurarantee." This assures that we'll be by your side through the whole project.

Roof Replacement

Have a look at a storm damaged roof job that we completed recently.

We came in contact with this homeowner while he was contemplating getting a new roof. He was happy to allow us to perform a comprehensive digital analysis of his home's rooftop condition. The roof had dutifully served its purpose for many years. It was now found that the roof was in need of replacement.

The homeowner was impressed by our comprehensive digital analysis which allowed him to see video playback footage of the exact condition of his roof. He had first hand witness perspective of his roof without even having to personally set foot on his roof.

After agreeing on a fair price for replacement, we began the new roof replacement process.

Quality New Roof Installation

There are a few aspects to our installation process that deserve being highlighted. The adjacent photographs help observe our process. Any wooden decking areas that we come across that have been compromised by water leaking must be removed and replaced. With the plywood decking repaired with new, solid wood, the roof is ready for underlayment.

You'll notice that in the valleys we place a sturdy material called Ice and Water Shield. This is a self-sealing layer of thick underlayment that can be installed without nails. Roof valleys are subject to high amounts of water and thus must have a greater level of protection that is free from nail penetration.

Chimneys are also considered areas of substantial threat of leaking. The photographs show removal of the old and inadequate pan-flashing that originally surrounded the chimney. We then install step-flashing which serves to protect the home from water penetration where the roof meets the chimney.

Thorough Work & Complete Cleanup

The homeowner was very pleased with the outcome of his new roof. The Owens Corning, Oakridge Teal shingle looks fantastic on his roof. Most importantly, the roof is now highly protected from the elements for years to come.

After Photos

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Acworth, GA
Client Testimonial
Ridge Valley Exteriors is truly a great company that does great quality work. I don't typically write reviews but due to the absolute professionalism and quality of Ridge Valley I felt compelled to do so. They have successfully completed two new roofing projects for my… ~ Mr. Gerdes - Kennesaw, GA


Local Roofing Experts

Our staff must undergo continuous training on a weekly basis. The process of educating and teaching our staff is in place to assure that we have the most well informed, professional roofing staff around.

Once a high level of proficiency is attained by our team members, they are then referred to as “Certified Rooftop Geniuses.” Our Certified Rooftop Geniuses know how to properly assess a roofing scenario and provide quality suggestions for repair or replacement.